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Adhesives in water dispersion

The adhesives in water dispersion, also known as white glues, are ready-to-use liquid products with high levels of quality, providing resistant and long-lasting bindings of porous substrates.

The application is made by brush, spatula, nozzle, hand roller or automatic roller gluing machines. After the application on one of the substrates, both sides must be strongly pressed until final hardening of the adhesive.

Generally speaking, the polyvinyl dispersions are excellent adhesives for a wide range of different applications where heat resistance (under sunlight or heat sources), flexural resistance (chairs) and water resistance (under outdoor or high humidity environments) have special significance.


Adhesives for packaging, HERTEX range

BADRINAS range includes several water dispersion adhesives based on synthetic polymers, solvents free. These glues are suitable for room temperature bonding of boxes, cases, bags and all kind of paper-based packages.
All raw materials used meet the FDA standard 175.105 of adhesives, for its use in packaging procedures that are in direct contact with foodstuff.

Casein adhesives for labelling, RAMACAS range

BADRINAS range of casein adhesives consists of versatile adhesives, especially designed for labelling bottles and glass containers.
These adhesives are characterized for its excellent machine performance and a bonding quality that surpasses the usual products. High resistance to cold and frozen water. Easy cleaning of the returnable glass containers.

Synthetic adhesives for labelling, RAMAKOLL range

RAMAKOLL’s range of synthetic adhesives for plastic and glass containers labelling, stand out for its excellent machine performance as they are designed to obtain the best labelling equipment performance.
These adhesives are well suited for labelling containers at high or very high temperature and they are very clean in operation.