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    QUALITY POLICY LABORATORIOS RAYT, S.A.U., has implemented a Quality Management System certified according to the International Standard ISO 9001 in force, ensuring the continuous improvement of processes, with the clear objective of achieving satisfaction to the customers. General Management, aware of the importance to satisfy the needs and expectations of the interested parties of the Organization, is committed to: 1. Lead the continuous improvement of Quality, assigning all the necessary resources. 2. Set annual objectives based on these general principles. 3. Stimulate the collaboration and participation of all employees in the implementation and monitoring of all improvement actions. 4. Train and inform employees appropriately about environmental, safety, quality and technical aspects. 5. Implement channels of communication and information with all interested parties, in relation to our activities. 6. Determine, access and maintain the necessary knowledge for the operation of the processes and achieve the conformity of the products. 7. Modernize installations and implement improvement projects to optimize our operational, logistics and customer service processes. 8. Innovate by creating new products. 9. Meet all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. 10. Improve environmental, safety and health practices to reduce impact on environment and on people's quality of life. 11. Analyze the results of the processes, for the establishment of new goals and objectives, allowing to obtain the highest performance. General Management conveys the importance of this Policy to all levels of the Organization. Badalona, December 1st, 2018 General Management